About Us

India is a country with vibrant colors of culture, arts and people with the same amount of passion and creativity. Yet there exist a lack of appreciation and quite a lot of negligence for intense amount of passion and creativity of such artists/works of arts. In this scenario TGT provides a platform to ensure efforts of such film makers/performing artists/works of arts go appreciated globally with its richness and magnificence.

For all those who cherish entertainment, we provide here a platform to showcase your talent through which your efforts, your dreams and your passion in films, in any works of art would go appreciated in this world. We gladly invite everyone out there to support this endeavour and together we can reform our domain in world entertainment.

Our Vision

Promoting Responsible & Authentic Entertainment.

Our Stakeholders

For every participant / artist more than money we create a new brand value for them and this value will add up to our brand equity.

  • Performing Artist
  • TGT promotes all traditional and folk performing art forms. Any performing artist can contact us to upload their creativity. We ensure authenticity of your works of art. You can click on ‘Performing Artist’ in Home page.

  • Producer
  • Producer can upload their feature film/short films/documentary in TGT by registering using the link given below or by clicking ‘Producer’ icon in Home page.

  • Viewer
  • Everybody have a pulsating heart to enjoy a film, a concert or performing arts whether they are in rail or on air while travelling. The one point solution for you is to watch any of these in TGT through our app or portal. We invite you to register by clicking ‘Viewer’ icon in Home page to vote and promote all TGT events.

  • Contestant
  • TGT broadcast about events under the ‘upcoming events’ section in the home page. Contestants can participate in interested TGT events to get noticed.Register by clicking ‘Contestant’ icon in Home page.

  • TGT Associates
  • Associates can be any individual or organization or any local art group, who is associating with a traditional/folk performing arts. They can associate with TGT to promote their venture globally. Associate can contact us at bd@tecgtheater.com to conduct workshop/events for any traditional performing arts.

  • TGT Event Co-Participants
  • TGT invite co-participants to conduct any events worldwide like documentary contest/short film contest or to share any new event related to art/entertainment to find out upcoming talents and their creative works. You can contact us at bd@tecgtheater.com.


Tec G Theater is a new online service of Tecgemini Info Services Pvt. Ltd, geared towards entertainment. It is an online theatre and its stakeholders are producers, performing artists, upcoming artists who can present their creativity worldwide. TGT also provides an opportunity to live stream any performing art.

Capabilities of many film makers/artists go unnoticed in Indian cinema and other forums due to unavailability of theatres/stages. In this scenario TGT provides a platform to release/present their movies/works-of-art worldwide.

TGT promotes various cultural art forms to help artists gain publicity worldwide. Also the artists receive monetary benefits.

About Company

TECGEMINI INFO SERVICES PVT LTD.is an Indian information technology service provider, business consulting and solutions company headquartered in Trivandrum, Kerala. The company was incorporated on 2008 and has an excellent track record for designing, developing and deploying enterprise-wide, technology-enabled software solutions to clients, who are leaders in their respective domains in public, private and Government sectors.

Tecgemini focuses and provide solutions and services that span across many business verticals.

Tecgemini delivers innovative software solutions and other product engineering services, Business & Technical consultancy, Technology implementation, Maintenance and Support.