For all those who are interested in films and for the creative people we provide here a platform, TEC G THEATER to showcase their talents through which their efforts, their dreams and their passion in films would go appreciated in this world. We gladly invite everyone out there to support this endeavor.
TEC G THEATER is an online film portal, which provides a wide collection of Feature films, Non-Feature films, Animated films, Music etc. TEC G THEATER allows you to watch films anytime, anywhere legally and in good quality. You can watch the latest movies using our service irrespective of the country you are in and enjoy them on your PC or Laptop or TV (via HDMI) conveniently.

  • All movies are CBFC certified.
  • Ensure rights holding of each art work exhibited here.
  • Piracy of the movies are discouraged and tracked.
  • Secured Payment Gateway.
  • User friendly navigation.
  • Detailed collection reports are available to producer periodically.

TEC G THEATER Security system

Movies played in TEC G THEATER’s player is a way to prevent piracy. Pirated copies are easily traceable and necessary actions will be taken against it. Payment transactions are carried out in a very secured manner.

Why TEC G THEATER is created as an open platform?

TEC G THEATER offers a wide variety of visual art forms like Feature films, Non-Feature films (including Short Films, Documentaries, Children’s Films),Animated Films and Music.
Highly focused to promote creative film makers to easily upload their creations worldwide .This platform promotes various cultural exchanges and help artist to gain publicity as well as monetary benefits.

How to select your movie?

Movie Shop is a collection of visual art forms.

  • Click 'Movie Shop' menu on home page.
  • Select your category.
  • Search through your desired list.

You can use our amazing search engine to filter movies by Language, Category, Director, Artist, film name.

How to upload a film in TEC G THEATER?

To upload your film to our portal

  • Register as Producer to get a login ID and Password.
  • Submit Censor certificate (mandatory for feature films), producer’s ID Proof.
  • Upload photo card, Trailers and your films.
  • Enter the Bank details.
  • Uploading of the movie will be done based on a verification process.

Is it safe to submit my credit card information?

The System is highly secured to enforce the security aspects of the money transaction and other login credentials.

What are the essential requirements to watch the movie in the video player?

For a stable network connection, you will require a minimum speed of 2Mbps.