This is an agreement between Tecgemini, and a Producer, who agrees to exhibit his films/documentaries/video albums/musical scores/music/short films or any other form of art which can be viewed or listened through media. The exhibition of such content hereinafter called ‘ART WORK’ will be exhibited through a portal named TEC G THEATER which is wholly owned by Tecgemini Info Services Pvt Ltd, a company regd. under Indian Companies Act, 1956. Hereafter the Tecgemini will be called first party to this agreement and producer will be considered as the second party to this agreement.

A producer is a person/firm/company or any such organisation which holds absolute right over any work of art. He/she might have produced it or purchased the rights or whoever authorised by any company/firm to represent on behalf of it. Such a person only can enter into an agreement with Tecgemini for exhibiting ‘Art work’. Even a person who is a foreign citizen can enter into such an agreement with Tecgemini.

TEC G THEATER is a Web Portel which exhibits any form of ‘Art work’.

The producer agrees to exhibit his ‘Art work’ through TEC G THEATER on a revenue sharing basis. The ratio of revenue shared between Tecgemini and producer depends on quality, importance, commercial and various other aspects. Hence the pattern varies. It can be as high as 70% for the producer to as low 50%. So each work attracts different revenue sharing ratio.

Illustration:- Example a producer agrees to exhibit 10 of his ART works over which he has absolute rights through TEC G THEATER. He will usually receive different revenue for each of his work. But he can negotiate a uniform ratio also if TEC G THEATER agrees for that.

A producer and Tecgemini absolutely agrees to the aforementioned revenue sharing arrangement. Right to exhibit

Tecgemini reserves the right to remove/withhold the content from exhibition, i.e. Art work submitted by producer.

When there are no viewers even after three months of insertion.

When there is any controversy over the subject matter of the film/art work. It may be through print media, online media or through social media.

When there is any legal dispute over the rights of the ‘Art work’. It could be any pending disputes before court or any such claims which Tecgemini seems to be of such nature which may cause distress to any of the parties involved.

Any regional or censorship related issues could also be a cause for removal. If it violates law of any country or hurts the sentiments of any community/group etc. The producer agrees to the aforementioned conditions.( sign)

The amount collected by website has to be distributed in accordance with pre-fixed ratio. There will be a provision through which the producer will be able to see the total hits/views of his ‘Work’. He along with Tecgemini can decide whether amount should be dispersed weekly or on monthly basis. A daily collection report (DCR) will be send to the producer via mail. Producer should provide his/her bank details in order to receive such amount. There will not be any cash transactions, each and every transaction will be through bank alone.

Producer solely is responsible for the content of the Artwork provided by him/her. He/She admits by submitting the Artwork that he/She is not violating any law. If the work is produced in India producer should bring such documents which authorises exhibition of it. For eg. , Censorship certificate etc. If work is of foreign origin then such documents relevant in context of that. TEC G THEATER or Tecgemini Info Services Pvt Ltd, cannot be held responsible for any content. TDS and other statuatory Taxes

Tecgemini Info Services Pvt Ltd, reserves the right to deduct TDS and oter statuatory taxes as per the existing rules. If the producer wish for a refund they may approach the authorities as required form will be provided by Tecgemini Info Services Pvt Ltd, as they are authorised to do so.

Any dispute regarding will come under the jurisdiction of courts in Kerala. These are the terms and conditions set by both the parties to this agreement. Both of them will be binding by the terms and conditions laid down in this agreement.

I/us declare that I/us agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above. I/we are fully aware of the consequences arising out of this agreement. By clicking/ticking/signing the above box/agreement, I/us abide the conditions laid down in the agreement and I/us declare that I/US are competent to enter into an agreement and are of sound mind and are wilfully entering into this without any coercion with free will. All the information provided to TEC G THEATER is true and they are substantiated by scanned copies of proof.